• Welcome to Bitcoin VPS Host

    Bitcoin VPS Host is one of the oldest server hosts that accept Bitcoin – started in 2013 we provide anonymous web, VPS, and dedicated server hosting for anyone who needs it.

    Our servers are currently located in Canada but once we’re ready we will expand to other freedom of speech countries to continue to provide an awesome service to our clients.

Affordable & Anonymous VPS Hosting

We strongly believe everyone’s internet privacy is a human right and we will do anything to protect that. Our company offers a multitude of different hosting options to fit everyone’s needs at a price that won’t break the bank!

With our servers you stay anonymous – your personal information is not stored on our website and better yet we don’t even ask for it. You’re allowed to use your server for anything as long as it doesn’t go against Canadian law, if you misuse your services we will simply suspend you without refund.

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